iPayEasy is a mobile wallet app that aims to modernize the way you transact in today’s increasingly digital and mobile world. With iPayEasy app, you can pay at participating merchants with your mobile phone without the need to use the physical cash.

Yes, it is 100% free to download and use iPayEasy. No fees will be charged when using iPayEasy to make payment at participating merchants.

Store your cash in iPayEasy app, so you don’t have to carry your physical wallet around anymore!

Enjoy cashless payment at participating merchants.

Andriod user: Malaysia's Google Play store. If you are unable to find or download iPayEasy, please contact us through https://www.ipayeasy.com/contact/.

iOS user: Coming soon!

Both wallets are free to use.


Go to Menu, select “upgrade to premium”, and follow the instruction to upgrade your wallet. It is FOC to upgrade your wallet.

No, as long as you are actively using the iPayEasy apps, your account will remain active.

You may select “Top Up Money” icon on your iPayEasy dashboard, and follow the instructions provided.

Select “Create Account” in iPayEasy app, fill in your phone number & desired password, and click “Create Account”

You need to have a valid and registered Malaysian mobile number.

You can create basic wallet for each of your mobile numbers, however only ONE of your mobile number can be upgraded to a premium wallet.

You might have entered your mobile number or your password incorrectly or you do not have internet connection at your place. If you still cannot log in, please contact us through https://www.ipayeasy.com/contact/

There are two possible reasons why this might have happened:

1) You entered the mobile number wrongly

2) Your mobile number may have been used by someone else prior to you registering for an account.

If this issue persists, please contact us through https://www.ipayeasy.com/contact/

Withdrawal is only applicable for Premium account users upon account closure. Kindly contact our customer service through https://www.ipayeasy.com/contact/ for account closure.

Account closure is only applicable for Premium account users. Kindly contact our customer service through https://www.ipayeasy.com/contact/ for account closure.

You can be sure that your iPayEasy wallet is secure and that no one except you has access to it because of the following reasons:
a) All transactions in your iPayEasy account is secured by a 6-digit transaction PIN that only you know to authorize the transaction.
b) Your transaction PIN is encrypted and stored securely in our databases
c) iPayEasy is under the purview of Bank Negara's regulations in which security features are one of the key areas covered.

iPayEasy assures that your personal information will not be shared or sold to any other parties, in accordance with the PDPA act. You may read more about our privacy policy in our website.

Kindly contact us through https://www.ipayeasy.com/contact/ to report your lost phone.

Never share your username, passwords, account numbers or PIN with any third party via email or text messages.Use a unique and strong password that contains a combination of numbers, letters and symbols for each online accounts.Do not respond to any email or text message that asks for your personal information.Do not store your password and username in your phone.Avoid using D.O.B for password and username.

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