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Paying with your mobile phone has never been easier with iPayEasy.


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Simple and fast - these are the words that come to mind when we look for mobile payment solutions and paying with your mobile phone has never been easier with iPayEasy. Our innovative payment app provides you with new ways to make purchases at participating merchants without the burden of having to carry physical cash. iPayEasy simplifies your lifestyle and day-to-day transactions so you have less to worry about and more to gain. Use iPayEasy to enjoy these benefits:


Skip notes and coins

You don't need to carry cash around anymore! Just scan and Pay with iPayEasy on your mobile phone to make purchases at selected merchants.

Secure payment with PIN

You may lost the cash inside your physical wallet. But your cash in iPayEasy is secured with PIN. That means no one can access to your cash even if you lost your phone.

No dispute on changes

Since you are paying in the exact cents, no dispute on changes should bother you.

Frequently Asked Questions

iPayEasy is a mobile wallet app that aims to modernize the way you transact in today’s increasingly digital and mobile world. With iPayEasy app, you can pay at participating merchants with your mobile phone without the need to use the physical cash.

Yes, it is 100% free to download and use iPayEasy. No fees will be charged when using iPayEasy to make payment at participating merchants.

Store your cash in iPayEasy app, so you don’t have to carry your physical wallet around anymore!

Enjoy cashless payment at participating merchants.

Andriod user: Malaysia's Google Play store. If you are unable to find or download iPayEasy, please contact us through

iOS user: Coming soon!


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